Good luck, Graham

Saturday night was the evening that several Barnes & Noble employees I work with said farewell to Graham, a quiet young man who works in Receiving.  (For reasons too complicated to explain without being very dull, I do not know Graham’s last name.)  Graham is joining the U.S. Army and ships out for training in August.

Another co-worker, Kim, took it upon herself to throw a bon voyage party and to use the opportunity to teach Graham how to play poker.  By her reasoning, Army folks play poker a lot, and since Graham didn’t know how to play, she wanted him to be better prepared.  I don’t know if that’s true, but it sounds good.  So the party consisted of lots of Five Card Stud and Graham learned the ropes.  I played a few hands, and I may have even come out a few nickels ahead.  After a couple of hours I joined another group playing non-gambling games like Spoons and B.S.   I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with friends, for no other reason because times like these are so rare.  With my work schedule and family commitments, I so rarely get to have fun like this.

Good luck, Graham.  Keep safe, keep your head down, and keep an eye out for your team.  Thank you for your service to our country.


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