Movie 2-fer: The Adjustment Bureau & Source Code

This Friday night was a two-for-one-and-a-half movie rental night.  (No joke.  I Redboxed one movie for a buck, and the machine asked if I wanted another rental for fifty cents.)

First was The Adjustment Bureau:

Up-and-coming politician falls in love with dancer, but odd guys in hats tell him that he has to break it off in order to keep the predetermined plan on schedule.  Naturally, he refuses to agree, ending with odd chases around the city.

All in all I was pleased but not impressed.  The movie nods toward the free-will argument, but the ending felt like a deus ex machina wrap-up, and other elements were too hard to swallow.  The young couple flirt and sizzle, but then are separated by circumstances, unable to find each other for years at a time.  But, he’s a political celebrity and a successful lawyer–and she can’t seem to find him?  Have either one of them ever heard of Google?


Next was Source Code:

Another mind-twisting sci-fi flick.  Soldier is involved with an expensive military experiment and is sent back in time to figure out who set off a bomb on a commuter train.  When the bomb goes off anyway, he’s sent back again, and again, having only eight minutes to figure it out.

The movie plays fast and loose with quantum mechanics, and it’s not really explained why the soldier’s consciousness can be transferred into another person’s body–what happened to the other guy’s mind?  I also couldn’t understand why everyone was so reluctant to tell him why he was involved in the mission.  It does has some disturbing images of people dying in bad ways, but Michelle Monaghan is rather fetching.  All in all I didn’t not like it, but I doubt I’ll be watching it again to tease out the subtle implications of “time re-assignment.”


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