The Android’s Dream

Here’s another humorous science fiction novel by John Scalzi, The Android’s Dream, being a nod toward Phillip K. Dick’s seminal SF classic, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Harry Creek is a State Department bureaucrat tasked with smoothing over a trade negotiation snafu with the warlike alien race Nidu.  Creek is a computer geek, war hero, and nice guy in one package with the job of locating a special breed of blue-wooled sheep required by the Nidu for their next coronation ceremony.  But other forces decide that a good healthy war is just what Earth needs to bump up its status amongst the alien races.  So Creek struggles against government assasins, alien marines, and the disciples of the Church of the Evolved Lamb, the one (?) religion that openly acknowledges that it was begun as a scam.

There’s action, humor, and some backhanded criticism of patriotism and religion, all in a fast-paced story.  The central characters seem a bit too good to be true, but the story spins out to a satisfying conclusion.


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