The Wise Man’s Fear

I recently finished, for the second time, Patrick Rothfuss’ newest book, The Wise Man’s Fear.  This is Book Two of his Kingkiller Chronicles, in which magic adept Kvothe (rhymes with ‘quoth’) makes his way with wit, skill, and a little bit of luck.

I was thoroughly impressed with the first book, The Name of the Wind, recommending it to fantasy readers at my store.  I describe it as Harry Potter with a darker, more interesting main character.  I have no compunctions to recommend Book One to young and old.

Book Two, however, goes into a different direction, involving more sex than some parents might feel comfortable for their younger readers.  The story is also more episodic, which might frustrate some readers used to the more linear narrative of the first novel.  But for those okay with all things Kvothe, this book is significantly longer, and explores more of his storied past.

I’m a fan, that’s for sure, and I eagerly await Book Three.


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  1. I loved Wise Man’s Fear. The first book was all world building and character introduction and super subtle hints, where this second one was actually exploring the world and meeting people from other cultures and really delving deep into the mysteries. So many “a-ha!!” moments! I practically forced my husband to read both books, and he kept asking me why the village with Kote’s Inn isn’t on the map in the front of the book, and I told him I thought Rothfuss omitted it on purpose.

    Regarding the, umm, rated R scenes, although I found them mostly hilarious, I can understand why some readers might have been caught off guard. Also, just because our main character is reminiscing about his teenage years, doesn’t make this a YA book. I worry that many adult readers look at a book and think “main character is 16, this is perfect for my 14 year old child!”, when that may in fact be the opposite.

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