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Is twenty-two years too long . . . ?

Too long to be married to the same woman?


Happy 22nd anniversary, sweetheart.

Here’s the anniversary cake Andrew made for us while we went out to eat:

Andrew has baked us an anniversary cake–from scratch–every year since he was eleven years old!  Just another one of his many talents.


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Thus ends the 2011 Summer of Beard

The last week of May, about a week before the end of school, Andrew started to grow a beard.

Seven weeks later, the beard of Summer 2011 was retired, mission accomplished.

Before . . .

Aaaaand . . . After!

Cool teenager is cool.

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Back home

For the last several days, Andrew has been in San Francisco for a mission trip, helping a new church get off the ground.  The team flew back in last night, exhausted but happy.  Here’s the blog of the trip’s events.

(click pic to enlarge)


Andrew is sporting a nifty hat, no doubt to help this born-n-raised Texan endure the cooler climes of San Fran.

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