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Speak up for Kids CASA 5K

Second race in two weeks. This was the Rockwall CASA 5K, a charity org that advocates for kids caught in the court system.

Weather was cold, bright, and breezy, but I was stoked. In last week’s race, I noticed a guy who had beaten me by about a minute, and this morning I saw him again. So I resolved to stick on his back and hopefully make a PR. Around mile 2 I was seriously reconsidering, but I pulled out a couple of my favorite mantras and was able to stick with it, although I was grasping most of the way (groaning and gasping). Just before the 3-mile mark, I found enough in the tank to pass him by, and I thought I might be able to do my typical home-stretch sprint, but I wasn’t counting on the uphill climb and the headwind.

With the finish line in sight, he caught up to me, and my ego kicked in. I dug down deep and pushed hard, crossing the line a couple of seconds ahead of him, less than 25 and a half minutes, beating my PR by half a minute.

Afterwards I introduced myself to “Greg” and told him that if it wasn’t for his inspiring pace I wouldn’t have finished as well as I did. We chatted a bit about our mutual leap-frogging.

At the awards portion, I was surprised and thrilled to learn I had made second place in my age group, a first for me. Now I have a nifty silver medal for my efforts. Yay for me, although my enthusiasm deflated just a bit when I found out that Greg, the guy I could barely keep up with and who looked like he was ready for another race, is 12 years older than me. Oy, I hope I’m as fast as he is when I’m in my mid-50s.


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2011 Hays Husky 5K Fun Run/Walk

Saturday was the annual Hays Elementary School Husky 5K Run/Walk. The school uses it as a big fundraiser, which includes a silent auction and other money-making activities. The morning was crisp, below 40 degrees, but sunny.

This race was my second in a month to be hosted by the Rockwall Running Club, which coordinated the course flawlessly. And once again, I’m thrilled and shocked to see I made a personal best, clocking in the 5K at 25:59 for a 8:22/mile pace. I was fourth in my age group, but I’m still wow’ing at the overall winner, a guy just one year younger than me who finished over six minutes faster for a 6:21 pace. Impressive.

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2011 Rockwall Rib Rub and Run

This weekend I participated in another 5K race, my fourth in as many months.  This one was in my hometown, so there was no way I could pass it up.  The race was a part of a city event called Rib Rub and Run, which also featured a BBQ cook-off and live music on the town square.

The race started on time, and took us through some back streets and around Harry Myers Park.  This was my first race in which vehicle traffic was a factor, but Rockwall’s Finest was on hand to make sure no one got plowed over by an SUV. 

And the results?  Once again, I’m pleased to say I made a personal best, beating my previous time by more than thirty seconds.  I finished the 5K in 15th place overall for a time of 26:54.  That’s an 8:40 per mile pace, beating my best pace by ten seconds per mile. 

After the race I wandered around the square enjoying the smell of smoke and BBQ, although it was a bit early for lunch just yet.  I ate a couple of breakfast burritos before heading home smelling of BO, smoke . . . and glory

Okay, not glory so much, but definitely like BO and smoke.  Which in certain circles is exactly the smell of glory.

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White Rock Racing Labor Day 5K

For the first time in what seems like sixteen thousand months, the temperatures on Labor Day morning were below seventy degrees.  Perfect day for a run, at the White Rock Racing club’s Labor Day 5K/15K race.  And the cooler temps must have been a factor, because I shaved over a minute off my personal best for the 5K.

(That graphic is clearly for last year’s race.)

Overall I clocked  27:28, down from 28:32 last month, for an 8:50/mile pace.  That placed me 40th overall, 32nd among men, and 4th among men in my age group.

Overall I felt good.  I had enough gas in the tank for a strong sprint at the finish, and I wasn’t shouting “NEVER AGAIN!” afterwards.  Just a few minutes of walking around gulping Gatorade, and I was ready for the next race.

I love this sport.

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Pics or it didn’t happen

The photos for the 2011 Dallas Dream Mile race are now up:

(White shirt, red cap)  Five steps in and already I look like I’m gasping.

Note to self: Do not lick lips while running lest tongue be accidentally severed during critical race.

….and Done!  Embrace the pain!

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Running goal shattered!

So the official results are in from this weekend’s 5K race:

Oh yes, I definitely had a personal record.  Did I say I thought I broke 29 minutes.  Well, yes.  Yes I did.  In fact, I came in 7th in my age/gender group with a 28:32, for a pace of 9:11 per mile.  Outstanding.  That’s shaving over four minutes off my time from last month’s race.

I am thrilled with these results.  I had a negative 20 split time, meaning I ran faster in the second half of the race than the first.  There’s also a new statistic I’m not familiar with: 48.9% Age Grade, which I’ve been explained means that of all the men in my age that run official timed races in the world, I’m faster than 48.9% of them, or just under half.  I’ll take that, but I hope I can improve that.  I’m competitive enough that I’ll want to track that statistic obsessively.

No pics yet.



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PR in 5-K

The official results haven’t been posted yet, but I made a personal record in the 5-K this weekend.

The event was called Dream Mile 2011 for an organization called Vibha, which raises funds for underprivileged children in the U.S. and India.  Early Saturday morning at White Rock Lake I milled around with several others, waiting for the races to start.  At 7:30 the 10-K runners took off, and fifteen minutes later those of us running the 5-K lined up at the starting line.  My goals for this race were to A) finish the darn thing, and B) beat my last official time of 32:50.

I found myself near the front of the group, and I’ll admit I was pressured to keep up with the fast runners.  One young man looked like he had bones of fiberglass.  He immediately took off like a gazelle.  But for old me, I quickly determined before the half-mile mark that I was going to quickly run out of gas, so I slowed my pace to what felt like a crawl.  Of course, this resulted in my getting passed right and left by others, and I hate getting passed.  Particularly by old ladies.

Anyway, I was feeling pretty good until about mile two-and-a-half, when my body tried to negotiate with me, telling me that if I would just stop and collapse on the side of the path that everything would be all better and we could go out for ice cream and chocolate…wouldn’t that be great?  But no, I kept repeating my mantra, “I can do this I can do this,” and my body grumbled to itself, not happy but at least silent.

Finally I saw the finish line and poured it on a bit, not a full out sprint, but definitely an improvement, perhaps as fast as when I started.  When I crossed the finish line I had accomplished goal A.  But what about my time?  Had I broken 32 minutes? Perhaps even 31?

I walked for a little bit, maybe ten seconds or so, before I remembered my own timer on my waistline.  I took a look . . . wiped the sweat out of my eyes, because surely I was mis-reading it.  What did that timer say?


I broke 32 minutes?  I broke thirty minutes?  And if my estimate between crossing the finish line and checking my time was accurate, there’s a real chance I broke twenty-nine minutes!

Yay me.

It’s a funny thing.  During the last half mile, I was telling myself that this running thing is nuts, that I’m too old to be doing this, that there’s no good reason I need to intentionally make myself feel this way.  For what, a T-shirt?  Pfah!

But half an hour later, during the drive home, I found myself wondering when the next race will be.  And maybe this time I bust the twenty-eight minute mark…

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