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The Gift of Apollo

Another entry in the Sagan Series, a collection of videos in the master’s own voice about space, science, and the beauty of discovery.

The ending text makes me glum, however. The bar chart comparing what we spend on guns vs. butter, for example; in this case ‘butter’ meaning the exploration of the universe we live in. That and the fact that we haven’t sent a person beyond low earth orbit since 1972. Imagine telling a person in the early 1970s that they should enjoy this time of world-exploring because it isn’t going to happen again for another four decades at least. I think that they would think that you were narrow-minded, cowardly, and perhaps crazy.


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Curiosity Rover Trailer

NASA’s new Mars rover, called Curiosity, launches this November, and like before, they’ve produced a nice trailer about it, mostly focusing on the landing.


That multi-stage landing mechanism worries me, having lots of failure points.  But the last three landers touched down on Mars without a hitch, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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